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The results and recommendations from 23 years of on-property R&D with commercial sheep and cattle producers. We specialise in precision scanning for pregnancy, twinning, and ageing of foetus in sheep and cattle and in helping to raise lamb survival and cow fertility in stud and commercial breeding enterprises.

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2. The profitability of scanning, how and when profitability is realised

There have been a number of studies that have looked at the profitability of scanning, the most recent (Young, Thompson & Oldham, 2012) being readily accessible under the section "Sheep and Their Management" via the sheep CRC website Many producers have also been interested in what all of the potential benefits are and how and when they are realised.

Immediate benefits

  1. The sale of dry ewes
  2. Run the the dry ewes as wethers for reduced feeding costs and improved pasture utalisation.
  3. Fewer pregnant ewes die in late pregnancy or lactation.
  4. Improved lamb survival of 10% plus for singles.
  5. Improved lamb survival for the twins when the correct management is put into place.
  6. Accurate paternity identification in AI and ET programs.
  7. The weaning of twins at similar weights to singles (fewer "tail-end" lambs).
  8. Improved wool quality in twin-bearing and/or rearing ewes, in the pregnant maiden ewes, and in the progeny of these ewes (for their lifetimes).

In the year following scanning

  1. Better quality hogget wool and greater numbers of better quality surplus stock available for sale.
  2. Single-and twin-born progeny can be classed into birth type groups in preparation for classing.
  3. Fewer twin-rearing ewes remain dry at their next joining.
  4. Over sixty percent of those ewes that were twin-bearing in year 1, will, with the correct management (identified with scanning and correctly fed), twin again in year 2. The comparable figure for ewes that have not been scanned is 32 percent.


  1. The twin-born progeny and the progeny from pregnant maiden ewes will produce heavier fleeces of a higher quality for the rest of their lives.
  2. There will be a reduced incidence of "micron blowout" in scanned flocks in flocks where scanning is practiced every year


John Young, Andrew Thompson and Chris Oldham; Increasing profitability by pregnancy scanning ewes.
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