Australian Livestock Scanning Services Group

The results and recommendations from 23 years of on-property R&D with commercial sheep and cattle producers. We specialise in precision scanning for pregnancy, twinning, and ageing of foetus in sheep and cattle and in helping to raise lamb survival and cow fertility in stud and commercial breeding enterprises.

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This site is now "Mobile Friendly". If you are away from your desk-top computer, you can use your smart phone (or tablet) to access the site via a Wifi connection to the internet. When you are connected, the program detects the width of your smart phone and rearranges the the page content in a clear and easy to read format.

Letter to The Land - Improve lamb survival

An ALSSg Letter to the Editor of "The Land", published on 22nd May 2014 presents a simple management practice to improve lamb survival. Click the link below to display the letter.

Link: Letter to "The Land"