Australian Livestock Scanning Services Group

The results and recommendations from 23 years of on-property R&D with commercial sheep and cattle producers. We specialise in precision scanning for pregnancy, twinning, and ageing of foetus in sheep and cattle and in helping to raise lamb survival and cow fertility in stud and commercial breeding enterprises.

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3. Services and charges for scanning ewes

Scanning services are offered with three different handling systems (shown below).

As a guide you can work on scanning your ewes 35 days after joining is over and before 110 days after the start of joining. However, there are requirements depending on what you are trying to achieve with the scanning job and you can determine your exact needs by contacting Doug.

Category Service Provided
1 Identify (ID) pregnant/empty (P/E) status;
a.  ID pregnancies "outside" the chosen joining period.
b.  ID "abnormal" pregnancies.
2 Identify twinning status
Identify early & late single-bearing ewes
This service includes all category 1 services
3 Determine cycle of conception
ID late lambing single-bearing ewes
This service includes all category 1 & 2 services
4 Age every foetus (in days).
ID AI & ET pregnancies versus backup pregnancies.
This service includes all category 1,2 & 3 services
5 Specialised scanning operations:
ID exact litter number
Classify into groups, e.g. sire, management, treatment
We also include all category 1, 2, 3 & 4 services.
  1. All services are offered with 1 man who scans the ewes. Extra men can be supplied, at Pastoral Award Rates. When a belt handler is used, the extra man is required.
  2. Quotes are available on request. When the work conducted varies from job requested there might be variations to the invoiced charge. Where this occurs the variation will be noted in the invoice.
  3. There are no travel charges but a flagfall/callout of $85.00 (local), $105 district, $135 (region), may be charged.

Vendor Declaration

If you utilise the services of ALSSg to scan your ewes, you will be provided with a vendor declaration statement that can be used in association with any intended sales of your sheep. The vendor declaration is a very thorough document, it provides a great amount of detail and has been in widespread use for private sales:

  1. In sale yards,
  2. In the sale ring,
  3. With Auctions Plus,
  4. It has been widely accepted throughout the 20 years that ALSSghas been in operation.

Contact Doug and discuss your requirements

Doug Fowler: Mobile: 0428 667 567
Postal address: 21 Wilson Road Glen Innes NSW 2370
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The "Walk Through" handler

Where this handling machine is used you should scan the ewes as soon as possible but no sooner than 34 days after joining is over.

It is also essential that:

  1. Supplements, where used, are ceased one or two days before scanning.
  2. Ewes are taken off feed and water the night before scanning.

Rates of throughput with this handler are around 800 to 1200 per day.


Walk through handler

The modified "Sheep Crutching" Handler

This sheep handling machine is used for small mobs where very accurate scanning is required. With this machine it is possible to;

  1. Determine the exact number of lambs inside a ewe.
  2. Determine the exact age of the foetus i.e. (pregnant to an AI or an ET program as distinct from those ewes pregnant to the backup ram).

There is nothing about the pregnancy status of a ewe that cannot be determined using this handler. Rates of throughput with this handler are around 700 to 1100 per day.



The modified "VE belt" handler

This sheep handling machine can be used to scan mobs of any number and will achieve very accurate results with very high rates of throughput. Time is always scarce and there is always another task to get to. The sooner a job gets done, the lower are the associated costs, particularly the costs of labour.

All of the scanning tasks performed by the other two sheep handling machines can be performed on this machine. Close to 3 million ewes have been scanned using machines with this design and with constant refinement the machine now is capable of handling your ewes with the utmost care. The Belt Handler has a proven track record for accuracy. Because of this fact, I can guarantee the accuracy of the results that will be achieved as a result of its use.


VE belt handler

With the Belt Handler machine it is possible to:

  1. Wet & Dry scan 4000 per day. Twin scan 2500 to 3500 per day.
  2. Identify early and later lambing ewes 2500 to 3000 per day.
  3. Separate AI and Backup pregnancies 1500 to 2000 per day.
  4. Determine the exact number of lambs in each ewe 1000 to 1500 per day.
  5. Separate ewes into sire groups so as to avoid the expense of DNA testing 1500 per day.
  6. Additional charges might apply when this sheep handling system used.

With the belt handler it is necessary to put the ewes onto their back as indeed is necessary for many husbandry tasks such as shearing, crutching, and foot paring. Indeed the effect on the ewes being scanned with this machine is no greater, and possibly much less than that involved with crutching and shearing.

Training, WHS, and Public Liability

Dr Doug Fowler and Dr John Wilkins developed the commercial technique for scanning sheep and cattle here in Australia before it was done anywhere else in the world. Indeed both have, from time to time, gone overseas and throughout Australia to train others. All of the members of the ALSSg team have been trained and have their accuracy checked annually by Dr Doug. All the members of the ALSSg team are fully cognizant of WHS requirements and do carry their own Public Liability.